• Custom designed and fabricated roof trusses  
  • Fully designed roof layouts 
  • Wide array of truss types (Common, Hip, Barrel Vaults, Attic, Scissor, Super Attics, etc.)
  • Max truss span of 100’ in length
  • Girder nailing options available
  • Full line of roof truss hardware
  • Drop top chord tail filler option available
  • Timber truss options available


  • Custom designed and fabricated roof trusses  
  • Fully designed floor layouts 
  • Wood webbed floor trusses depth from 12” to 30″ 
  • Max floor truss span of 40’ in length
  • Mechanical chase options
  • Top chord bearing option 
  • Beam pocket options available
  • Trimmable-end floor trusses available 
  • Full line of floor truss hardware 


  • Onsite Engineered Lumber specialist
  • Fully engineered tall wall packages w/ layouts
  • Fully engineered I-Joist roof packages w/ layouts
  • Fully engineered I-Joist floor packages w/ layouts
  • Full line of LSL (laminated strand lumber)
  • Full line of LVL, 5 ½” to 24” (laminated veneered lumber)
  • Full line of I-Joist, 9 ½” to 24”, 2-1/2” flange
  • Fully engineered laminate building options available
  • Poles, treated and non-treated options
  • Full line of laminated Poles and beams
  • Custom beam sizing 

Our Products Available From Manion Truss: 

At Manion Truss we manufacture a full array of wood roof and floor trusses.  We also provide a full line of engineered wood products including fully designed I-Joist roof and floor systems, and tall wall packages.  Manion’s has two truss manufacturing facilities; one located in Pillager Minnesota and the second in Superior Wisconsin.  With the two convenience locations our delivery area encompasses Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Canada.  

Our mission at Manion Truss is to provide retail lumberyards high-quality products at reasonable prices in a timely manner, with the best service in the industry.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and taking care of our customers from the time the plans are drawn to after the trusses are set.

Whether your customers are looking to renovate or build from the ground up, Manion Truss will assist in building dreams into reality.  Our qualified team takes a hands-on approach to provide outstanding customer service from the preliminary stages, through design & production, to final delivery, and beyond.

At Manion Truss, no project is too difficult or too large. We can manufacture trusses that span up to 100' long. We can custom design a roof system with trusses to suit your needs.  Best of all, we provide jobsite delivery!